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About us

Đăng ngày: 29/08/2019
1. Vision, mission

- Vision: As a pioneer in the application & development of products from cinnamon and other spices.

- Mission: Providing natural, effective and environmentally friendly products.

2. Core value

- People. People are the foundation for the success of the company. We always try our best for the development of each individual, helping them to reach their full potential and to achieve our desired goals.

- Integrity. Business ethics is the foundation for all activities at the company. We aim to be fair, transparent and respectful of all partners, customers and suppliers.

- Change. Identifying trends and market needs is one of the essential factors for sustainable development. We will always change, improve constantly to contribute to improving the quality of human life.

- Quality. At our company, every activity comes from passion. By strictly complying with the production and business processes, we are committed to providing quality products according to agreements and perfect services to our customers.

- Protect the planet. We are committed to developing sustainable material areas, not affecting the greening of the hills. Develop natural products, using recycled and environmentally friendly packaging materials.